8" Standard Fixed Cast Zinc Air Amplifier AM125

Nex Flow USA

  • $867.00


  • Longer life in difficult environments than competitive models.
  • Lower compressed air consumption than ejectors and venturi.
  • Maintenance free with output easily controlled, safe to use. 


  • Compact design, simple, lightweight and portable.
  • Driven by air, not electricity for safety.
  • No moving parts hence safer and maintenance free.
  • Each end can be dusted for light conveying application
Air consumption at 5 Bar 92 dB(A)
Internal diameter 125 mm
Air Amplification 16:1
Blowing pattern Wide
Connection type Female 3/4”
Material Zinc
Shims Stainless Steel
Meets the OSHA directives Yes
Suitable for OEM’s Yes
Air consumption at 5.5 Bar 305 Nm³/h
Air Flow at outlet 4890 Nm³/h
Applications Blow Off and Vacuum
Air Velocity at outlet 44 m/s

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