Silent X-Stream™ Air Knives

Nex Flow's Silent X-Stream™ Air Knives, are the next generation of compressed air knives.  Easy to mount and maintain, they reduce both compressed air consumption and noise levels. They are the most efficient design yet. Silent X-Stream™ Air Knives use less air and are quieter than the standard series. Construction on all models features stainless shims and stainless fasteners. 


Silent X-Stream™ Air Knives come in three versions:

  • Gold Anodized Aluminum for most applications
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum for abrasive environments or where material may come in contact and tend to wear against the air knife
  • Stainless steel for high temperature and corrosive environments. 

Additional lengths of 36", 42", 48", and 54" can be ordered through Nueair Engineered Products.