Vortex Tubes

Nex Flow™ Vortex Tube technology provide a compact, electric free, maintenance free, and flexible solutions for spot cooling and enclosure cooling

Product Overview Vortex Tubes

Welded Stainless Steel Construction with NO Plastic Parts. Produce cold air from -50°F for spot cooling or hot air to 230°F from ordinary Compressed Air with no moving parts!

Nex Flow Vortex Tubes are constructed of WELDED Stainless Steel with precision machined BRASS generators and sealed with Viton O-rings to allow their use in the widest range of industrial environments.

The unique design and quality of materials used in Nex Flow Vortex Tubes will deliver years of maintenance-free operation. Careful detail to holding critical tolerances, only precision machining can accomplish produces a Vortex Tube with the highest rated Cooling ( BTU/Hr ) in the industry. 


  • Cooling electronic controls
  • Cooling machining operations
  • Cooling CCTV cameras
  • Setting hot melts
  • Cooling soldered parts
  • Cooling gas samples
  • Electronic component cooling
  • Cooling heat seals
  • Cooling environmental chambers


  • No moving parts
  • No electricity or chemicals
  • Small, lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Instant cold air
  • Durable – stainless steel
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Interchangeable generators