Blind Hole Cleaning System Kit

Blind Hole Cleaning System Kit

Nex Flow USA

  • $1,080.00

Product Overview

Removing debris from blind or deep holes is an important yet risky task.  Nozzles have typically been used to blow into deep holes splashing out waste and making a mess in automated systems, and where manual effort is used, it makes for a messy and dangerous operation requiring protective gear to avoid injury.  The Blind Hole Cleaning System was developed for the purpose of improving safety and minimizing or eliminating a mess. Some systems have appeared where a nozzle blows into a deep hole and a vacuum then draws the material removed to be taken away. However that does not work very well because you fight the blowing action with the vacuum action.  This new system uses only a powerful blowing action and uses a venturi effect to draw out dust and debris from deep holes in drilled parts that are hard to clean safely.  

Features / Advantages

  • Keeps Operation Clean and Safe
  • No moving parts
  • Driven by air and not electricity
  • Aluminum cast construction
  • Rugged, Lightweight and portable
  • Various packages available depending on hole diameter and depth
  • Custom designs available
  • Ergonometric Manual and automated systems available

Includes all hole adaptors, nozzles, collection bag with hose, clamp plus filter with auto drain (Model 90004). 

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