60125X-316L-D NEMA 4-4X FRIGID-X 316L Stainless Cooler Kit

Nex Flow USA

  • $820.00

Frigid-X™ Cabinet Panel Coolers and Cabinet Enclosure Coolers for electronic control panels provide a low cost method of both purging and cooling electrical and electronic control panels by using a stainless steel vortex tube to create cold air from ordinary compressed air.

All of the our Frigid-X™ Cabinet Panel Coolers are stainless steel, not just the vortex tube for longer life and flexible use. There are virtually no moving parts.

Frigid-X™ Cabinet Panel Coolers are ideal for all IP54, IP14 and IP66. Prevent downtime due to overheating electric and electronic control panels and cabinets. All external exposed surfaces are of 316L stainless steel, ideal for pharmaceutical industry and extreme corrosive environments where 303/304 stainless steel is not adequate.

As with the NEMA Type 4-4x units, the cooler is splash resistant, for use in wash down environments as well as outdoor use and 316L Stainless steel has pharmaceutical grade, food service and extreme corrosive environments.

Kit Includes 69004 hose.

Material 316L Stainless Steel
Cooling capacities [Btu/h] 1100 Btu/hr 322 W
Sound level [dB(A)] 72 dBA
Standard/Certification CE Regulations Necessary International Standards ULC Listed
Type NEMA Type 4-4X-316L (IP-66)

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