2″ Standard Ring Vac Air Operated Conveyor Kit

Nex Flow USA

  • $365.00

Kit includes: 2″ Standard Ring Vac® Air Operated Conveyor + 90004 compressed air filter + 90008 pressure regulator. 

Materials: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hard Anodized Aluminum, or 316L Stainless Steel 

Pneumatic Conveyors – Ring-Vac Pneumatic Conveying System has virtually no moving parts. And conveys material at high rates and over long distances. It utilizes compressed, decisive, powerful, efficient venturi action along its length. It accomplishes this in a compact design for high-capacity conveying over large distances.

In many instances, the compressed air-operated Ring Vac may replace electrically operated vacuum pumps. They are understandably reducing significant maintenance costs associated with the electrically operated devices.

Applications for the compressed air-operated Ring-Vac conveying systems are hopper loading of plastic resins. In plastic injection molding and extrusion, bottle caps in packaging lines. Also, they are moving all sorts of parts and pieces from one location to another, eliminating manual handling of these materials.

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