Air Mag™ Air Nozzles

Product Overview

The Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ Air Nozzle is an engineered nozzle with a unique patented design to assist in focusing the compressed air from the supply line and entrained air from the surroundings to a sharper laminar flow of air with the highest force per SCFM on the market.  This both reduces compressed air energy use and noise levels as compared to open jets and pipe. Even replacing competitive air nozzles can provide significant cost savings in energy and noise levels. The nozzle is of rugged, cast zinc, single piece design ideal for harsh environments and 316L stainless steel for food, pharmaceutical, and corrosive environment applications.

Features / Advantages

• Lowest air consumption for force produced
• Lower noise levels
• no “whistling” sound *
• single piece design for extra strength

*Even outperformed nozzles using a so-called laval effect, but without the annoying whistle that may come with such designs*